The Economics of Liberty

The archive of economic articles describing the national economy of the Democratic Republic of America.

The national economy is characterized as entrepreneurial capitalism, based upon technological innovation.

The goal of the economy is to create a commonwealth of independent citizens producers.

The Sovereign National Economic Interest of the Democratic Republic of America.

The instability in the U. S. economy is precipitated by a predictable sequence of events beginning with speculation in assets, inflation, monetary instability, and tax and fiscal policies that adversely affect national aggregate demand.

The financial elites in America are the economic agents who precipitate the economic instability with their asset speculation, and the concomitant power to affect monetary policy, to their own benefit.

The Constitutional Economics of A Natural Rights Republic

Crony Capitalism. BLM Marxism and the Emerging Alliance With Global Corporate Crony Capitalism.

Economic Growth: Chinese Covid Lockdowns, Black Economic Dysphoria, Global Crony Capitalism, and the Killing of George Floyd.

The American Millennial Attraction to Socialism

US Economic Growth Policy The U. S. Covid Economic Recovery Plan.

U.S. National COVID Economic Collapse and the Collapse of the U.S. Dollar.

The Republican’s 3 Big Chinese Lies: “No, Really, the Chinese Are Just Like You and Me.”

Fixing the American Labor Markets