About Us

We believe that the election fraud in November, 2020, marked the death of the Former United States of America. (FUSA).

The election system does not work, the justice system does not work, the sovereignty of the Nation is threatened by forces of globalism, and elected representatives are corrupted by power and attaining wealth.

There is nothing of credible value left in attempting to rehabilitate the FUSA.

The ideological differences between Democrat Marxists and American Conservative Citizens are beyond reconciliation.

Our website advocates a divorce, or permanent separation, of FUSA into two new nations, the Socialist States of America, and The Democratic Republic of America.

We advocate a new constitution that connects the principles of individual liberty, in the Declaration, to a national government based upon the framework of state sovereignty.

We do not dwell upon the issues that divide citizens or spend time arguing with Marxists about racism, social justice, or their ideas of the fundamental defects in the founding of America.

We would rather spend out time describing the steps that 75 million Trump voters need to take to establish The Democratic Republic of America.

You can support our mission to create a new constitutional framework by subscribing to our archive of articles, at clpnewsnetwork.com.

Our intent is to aggregate contact information of subscribers by geographic locations, and create community organizations, much like Obama did, in his creation of his Marxist state.