The Democratic Republic of America

No common moral or cultural values bind the socialists to a common national mission with natural rights conservatives.

A Civil Dissolution explains why the United States is likely to dissolve, as a result of the split between socialists and natural rights conservatives.

Madison attempted to balance the commercial and financial interests of two social classes, the natural aristocracy and common citizens.

Madison’s constitution failed to prevent a centralized tyranny of elites from capturing the government to use as their own private wealth-producing vehicle.

A Civil Dissolution argues that the best way to avoid a civil war is to create a new nation called The Democratic Republic of  America, whose main mission is to protect citizens rights from centralized tyranny..

After the Collapse explains why the Democratic Republic of America is a better option for patriots than continuing to try to make progress with the socialists, under the existing Constitution.

Both books, and other books by Laurie Thomas Vass, are available at GabbyPress.

Madison’s existing constitution is based upon the principles of a representative republic, and as the case of Trump’s impeachment demonstrates, a representative republic does not provide a method for citizens to protect their rights when the elected representatives, like Schiff and Pelosi, are corrupt.

Continuing to fight with socialists will never work, under the reresentative republic, because the socialists have no allegiance to the rule of law, under the existing constitution.

Even if the citizens elect Republicans, the socialists will continue to undermine the rule of law and the consent of the governed until they can impose their own socialist tyranny.

A better idea is to admit that the current ideological divisions are irreconcilable and irrevocable and to start over with a new constitution based upon the framework of state sovereignty in the Articles of Confederation, which changes Madison’s representative republic to a democratic republic.

This website explores how that new constitution and new nation can be created.

This website is connected to a second website, the CLPNewsNetwork, that offers weekly podcasts on current topics related to the irreconcilable differences between democrat socialists and natural rights conservatives.

Both websites are owned and managed by Laurie Thomas Vass, a North Carolina constitutional economist.

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