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I am Laurie Thomas Vass, the leader of the Citizens Liberty Party News Network.

I wanted to explain the mission of our political movement and the top three political goals we have in our first years of operation.

The CLP News Network was created as a result of the changed political reality in America.

In 2008, Barack Obama  converted the Democrats from a party that represented the financial interests of common, working class citizens into an overtly global socialist party, united by their virulent anti-American hatred of America.

At the same time in history that the Democrats changed, the Republicans also changed into a more overt corporate globalist party that favored non-traditional conservative policies, such as open illegal migration across America’s national borders.

Both parties, for different reasons, favor a global one-world government, not a sovereign nation of the United States of America.

Neither political party represents the financial or political interests of citizens, and neither political party offers support for President Trump.

The mission of the Citizens Liberty Party News Network is to argue that the existing two party system in America is dysfunctional and beyond repair.

We believe that the current nation will collapse because of the internal divisions between globalists and natural rights conservatives.

The top goal of the CLP News Network is a peaceful non-violent divorce, or civil dissolution, of the nation.

The CLP is the pre-cursor political movement that advocates the creation of The New Conservative Party.©

The NCP will act as the management and administrative agent to lead conservatives to a new nation, The Democratic Republic of America.

The second most important goal of the CLP News Network is to promote the election of  representatives to the existing national and local governments during the time of transition from the Former United States to the new Democratic Republic of America.

During this period of transition, the CLP will provide political support for President Trump and the 63 million citizens who voted for Trump.

The third goal of the CLP is to create the institutional and administrative capacity to defeat the threat to liberty that arises from globalism.

Donations of $25, or more, obtain a signed copy of the new constitution of The Democratic Republic of America.

The opening preamble is below.

The Constitution of the Democratic Republic of America© 2018

All rights reserved under Title 17, U.S. Code, International and Pan-American copyright Conventions.

No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, scanning, recording or duplication by any information storage or retrieval system without prior written permission from the author, except for the inclusion of brief quotations with attribution in a review or report.


We, the citizens of the Democratic Republic of America, establish this constitutional contract between our respective states and the National Government of the Democratic Republic of America.

We solemnly swear and affirm that we establish this contract to preserve and protect the natural and civil rights of citizens in each state, and to protect and defend the sovereignty of each state and the nation, from foreign and domestic threats.