The Democratic Republic of America

Irreconcilable Differences

Both political parties, for different reasons, favor a global one-world government, not a sovereign nation of the United States of America.

Neither political party represents the financial or political interests of citizens, and neither political party offers support for Trump voters.

As a result of their weak position, Trump voters were subjected to an internal coup d’etat from unelected agents of the deep state spy apparatus.

The country is evenly split between Democrats, who want more global socialism, and natural rights conservatives who want more individual liberty.

The political crisis is not solvable because the two sides do not share any social and cultural values that would bind the citizens into a common national identity.

The two sides reason with different forms of logic and do not speak a common language about the founding principles of the nation.

The only peaceful, nonviolent solution to the unsolvable divisions is a separation of the 50 states into two new nations:

  • The Democratic Republic of America
  • The Socialist States of America