Irreconcilable Differences

For 240 years, the system of checks and balances served to prevent the outcome Madison feared the most: a centralized government tyranny that was disconnected from the will of citizens.

Madison’s system of checks and balances required two political parties, one that represented the interests of common working class citizens, and the other party that represented the interests of the elite, or what Madison called “the natural aristocracy.”

That period of two party stability in government was eroded when Barack Obama  converted the Democrats from a party that represented the financial interests of common, working class citizens into an overtly global socialist party, united by their virulent anti-American hatred of America.

At the same time in history that the Democrats changed, the Republicans also changed into a more overt corporate globalist party that favored non-traditional conservative policies, such as open illegal migration across America’s national borders.

Both parties, for different reasons, favor a global one-world government, not a sovereign nation of the United States of America.

Neither political party represents the financial or political interests of citizens, and neither political party offers support for President Trump.

As a result of his weak position, President Trump now faces an internal coup d’etat from unelected agents of the deep state spy apparatus and judicial nullification of his authority by Federal judges.

In his recent book about the coup, The Plot Against the President. Lee Smith provided an insight into what the coup means for the future of America.

Smith’s insight came during an October 30, 2019, interview with Maria Bartiromo, when he described how Hillary had unleashed her vicious Russian hoax conspiracy about why she lost to Trump.

Smith stated,

“I think that the real lasting damage that has been done here to the nation is that Hillary placed an incurable sickness into the American society. Hillary paid for a conspiracy theory, and the sickness she placed into American society permanently divides the citizens.”

The country is evenly split between Democrats, who want more global socialism, and natural rights conservatives who want more individual liberty.

The political crisis is not solvable because the two sides do not share any social and cultural values that would bind the citizens into a common national identity.

The two sides reason with different forms of logic and do not speak a common language about the founding principles of the nation.

The only peaceful, nonviolent solution to the unsolvable divisions caused by Hillary’s sickness is a dissolution of the 50 states into two new nations:

  • The Democratic Republic of America
  • The Socialist States of America